ITE cover wage theftIn the past few days, We have seen great national coverage on the issue of wage theft. This is no coincidence. Wage theft is a national epidemic that affects workers and businesses all over the country. Take the time to read this great IN THESE TIMES article, ‘The Wage Theft Epidemic’ to understand why the federal government has failed to enforce their own wage laws.

We are also proud to say that our local efforts to try to pass a Wage Recovery Ordinance in Alachua County are mentioned in this New York Times article, ‘A ‘Go Local’ Focus Is Used to Resolve Unpaid Wages’



CALL TO ACTION: Stop Big Business’ Attempt to Preempt Local Ordinances Like The Wage Recovery Ordinance!!!

On February 20th at 4pm, in the House Local and Federal Affairs Committee, Legislators will be voting on House Bill 655. This bill:

  • Strips the home rule of local governments by restricting county level ordinances.
  • Strikes down essential county ordinances including living wage and paid sick leave and WAGE RECOVERY.
  • Would eliminate access to economic security for thousands of Floridians.

HB 655 is nothing more than an attempt by extremist legislators and big business to preempt local governments from passing essential working family ordinances, including living wage and paid sick leave.

Tell them: “VOTE NO ON HB655! Local governments should NOT be stripped of their right to provide economic security for working families in their communities.”

  • Randolph Bracy D45 (850) 717-5045
  • Bobby Powell D88 (850) 717-5088
  • Daphne Campbell D108 (850) 717-5108
  • Sharon Pritchett D102 (850) 717-5102
  • Dwight Dudley D68 (850) 717-5068
  • Ricardo Rangel D43 (850) 717-5043
  • Eddy Gonzalez D111 (850) 717-5111
  • Holly Raschein D120 (850) 717-5120
  • Clay Ingram D1 (850) 717-5001
  • Jose Rodriguez D112 (850) 717-5112
  • Mike Larosa D42 (850) 717-5042
  • David Santiago D27 (850) 717-5027
  • Mary Lynn Magar D82 (850) 717-5082
  • Jimmie Smith D34 (850) 717-5034
  • George Moraitis D93 (850) 717-5093
  • Charlie Stone D22 (850) 717-5022
  • Ray Pilon D72 (850) 717-5072
  • Charles Van Zant D19 (850) 717-5019

Endorsements Update- February 13, 2013

Task Force members, Alex Cardelle and Jeremiah Tattersall

The Task Force had a meeting with the Alachua County Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, February 6, to present the proposal for a Wage Recovery Ordinance in Alachua County. The Chamber seemed interested and had thoughtful questions. They will follow up with us in the coming weeks after voting for the policy proposal. Task Force member, Jeremiah Tattersall, also met with the Executive Board of the Alachua County Democratic Executive Committee (AC-DEC). Their positive response persuaded them to bring the issue to the full body of the AC-DEC on Wednesday, February 13 for a vote and they decided to endorse our campaign!
In the past two week, we’ve had the pleasure of adding the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Gainesville, The Jones (Eastside & B side) Eatery, and The League of Women Voters, and now, The Alachua County Democrats to our list of supporters. In other works, the hard work pays off!
Please look for an updated list of endorsements in our Endorsements/Sign on tab.

CALL TO ACTION: Write a Letter to the Editor to the Gainesville Sun!


Let’s keep our name and cause in the public eye! The best way to do this is to submit a letter to the editor in the Gainesville Sun.
We need our members and supporters to help remind our elected representatives in the Alachua County Commission and our community that this is a real problem that needs a timely solution. Please consider taking a few minutes to submit 150 words of support!

No idea what to write? Here are some good places to start:

  • If you’ve been a victim of wage theft: Write about your personal experience with the issue and how a Wage Recovery Ordinance would have benefited you
  • If you are a business owner: Write about the difficulties and cost of running a business and how this cost is exasperated by unfair competition from businesses who aren’t paying their workers what they are owed
  • If you’re religiously inclined or a religious leader: Write about the concept of fairness and taking a stand for those who have the least protection under the law.
  • If you’re a community member: Write about the need for Alachua County to offer a fair environment for both workers and businesses, and ask your commissioners to support the ordinance.

Thank you for your support!

STOP Wage Theft! Photo Campaign // NEXT MEETING

Stop Wage TheftAs the County Commission staff works to draft a Wage Recovery Ordinance, the Wage Theft Task Force is drumming up community support for its passage. We’re starting a Photo Campaign to show our County Commissioners we have a diverse group of supporters from all backgrounds and organizations.
Please email us at acwttf@gmail.com if you’re in interested in joining our campaign!

Want to take your support one step further? Join us at our NEXT MEETING on Sunday, February 17th at 5:30pm at the Labor Party office (14 E. University Ave., #204) to get involved.

News Round-up from County Commission Presentation

The Gainesville/Alachua County community came out in large numbers to show their support for a Wage Recovery Ordinance. Thanks to everyone who helped us pack the Commission chamber! Your presence and your words during public comment were a powerful reminder that wage theft is a problem that needs to be solved!
Here are the various media outlets that covered our presentation:


Broward County Wage Recovery Ordinance Goes Into Effect

The recently approved Wage Recovery Ordinance went into effect on January 2nd 2013. You can read a great article about it here and read the “Wage Recovery – Notice to the Employees” here. The Alachua County Wage Theft Task Force is looking forward to making Alachua County the 4th county in Florida to address this problem.

General Meeting for the Alachua County Wage Theft Task Force

ACWTTF’s first meeting of December will be this Thursday at 6:30 pm at the Labor Party office. Report backs from tasks and progress on meetings with the BoCC will be on the agenda for this meeting.

If you supportive of a Wage Theft Ordinance in Alachua County, and interested in organizing in this task force, come to the meeting or message this page if you cannot make it, but would like to help.